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Love gaming? We’ve got a retro arcade themed surprise for you! Check your email notifications on the 13th of March (EST) and get your hands on our Waka Waka Waka plans. More amazing arcade themed plans to come soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, Download our 4K wallpaper inspired by the Waka Waka Waka campaign!

2 Factor Authentication Released!

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism. (Wikipedia)

You can now enable 2 factor authentication on your CloudCone account for added security 👮‍♂️

We have prepared an easy guide for you, check it out here

Our Mobile App is out for all iPhone users

Any Apple fans here? Our mobile app is now available on the Apple App Store for all iPhone users. The mobile app is built as a client-centered platform to manage all CloudCone Services more conveniently.

Our support team is now available at your fingertips! We have launched the Instant Support feature on our app for you to be able to raise tickets and contact our support team at all times, even on the go.

"instant support saved me, I got my server back online while i was traveling back in the train, amazing!” - Beta tester

Wanna hear more great news? The first 50 customers to download the app on the Apple App Store will win $2 worth of Cloud Credits. Don’t miss out! Winners will be listed on our mobile app page & contacted via email.


Look forward to more new and exciting features rolling out this year!

Powerful cloud servers with the friendliest & fastest support awaits you.
Thank you for choosing CloudCone.

Enable automated daily backups on server deployment ⛑

Now you can enable the "must have" automated daily backups when deploying your server.

Automated daily backups helps you restore your server incase of failure. Read more here: https://cloudcone.com/backups/

Arch Linux 2018 & Debian 10.0 templates

As requested by our end users, we have added the Arch Linux 2018 & Debian 10.0 templates to be deployed and re-installed onto Compute servers.

View system sent emails through the client area

We have added a feature! Now you have the option to view emails sent to your mailbox from our system, right through the client area.

  1. Login into your CloudCone account.

  2. On the top right, click on your profile icon.

  3. There you will see the System Email Log option, which you can select to view System Sent Emails!

Mobile App Launch For Android

We are proud to introduce a new cloud experience, an app built as a client-centered platform to manage all CloudCone Services more conveniently. This version features a simplified interface to perform 3 basic but critical functionalities for your cloud server: Boot, Reboot and Shutdown.

TAKE CONTROL : Easily access all your CloudCone services through your fingertips.

USER-FRIENDLY : A seamless experience from our website to our mobile app.

ON-THE-GO : Keep in touch with your cloud server even on the move.

Look forward to much more in future updates!

  • The option to open or reply to your support tickets through the app itself.

  • More management options & settings will soon be available for all services.

  • Ability to add cloud credits & pay your invoices through your mobile device.

  • Push notifications for new features, support messages and all other server activities.

Want to suggest features for the next update?
This is the first-ever launch of our app! And we have included a feedback form in the 'About Us' section for you guys, to help us improve the app.

Try it out for FREE with your CloudCone account.
First 50 customers to download will get $2 worth of CloudCone Credits added.
Winners will be listed on our mobile app page & contacted via email.

GET QR CODE (scan to download)

Powerful cloud servers with the friendliest support awaits you.
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cPanel pricing change, effective Sep 1st, 2019 ☹️

It is with the greatest regret that we bring you this terrible news regarding cPanel/WHM.

On June 27th, 2019, cPanel announced that they had adopted a new pricing strategy for all their licenses.

This post is unfortunate since unlike the previous per-server pricing model, the new strategy charges users per cPanel account.

As always, we have been providing cPanel licenses at the same rate we pay cPanel; In other words, we do not keep any profit from cPanel licenses.

We understand that this is not the best news to receive, so we decided to reach out to you to let you know our take on this.

What is going to happen to your existing licenses?

The cPanel prices of existing licenses are going to increase, 🙁. However, as we are official NOC partners with cPanel, we shall have a discounted pricing for all our users. Check out the pricing example below.

Since cPanel now bills you per account in your server, our DevOps team outlined projected pricing for your cPanel add-on cost within the client area, which you can find on the billing tab of your cPanel enabled server. Which looks like this 👇

This new pricing model shall be applied to your license starting September 1st, 2019.

What is going to happen to the free cPanel VPS plans?

Good News! The Free cPanel License package on CloudCone shall remain as it, as promised 😊

What are my alternatives?

Although cPanel does offer some benefits that make it super convenient to work with, if you are unable to continue with cPanel, there are several alternative control panels for you to choose.

  • If you are looking for a paid control panel, we suggest using DirectAdmin, InterWorx or Plesk (since they offer an unlimited account option).

  • VestaCP and CyberPanel are two free control panels that we recommend.

  • Login to your WHM and clear out unused/suspended cPanel accounts or resellers in your server

Few questions you might have

What is a cPanel account?
A cPanel account is 1 x cPanel login.

Do suspended account counts?
Yes, any suspended account counts to your total account count.

If you have any concerns, please raise a support ticket and our sales team will help you out .

CloudCone turns 2 ! Yayyy ! 🎉

CloudCone Turns 2 Contest 🎈
Head on over to our Instagram page to win Free Cloud Credits and other cool gifts by participating in the CloudCone Turns 2 contest. 🎁

Check out our Instagram & Facebook stories for contest guidelines. Good Luck!
Instagram: http://clco.cc/wOyiQ
Facebook: http://clco.cc/FbIuF

CloudCone Turns 2 Years Old Today! 🎉
Over two years CloudCone has successfully acquired a total computing capacity of 13,312 GB of RAM, 1272.8 GHz of CPU and 614,400 GB of storage. We have deployed over 150,000 cloud Instances all around the world and none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for you! 💖

We want to take this opportunity to reminisce the highlights of our journey so far and appreciate our clients for the loyalty and support you have shown us. We promise to bring you more improved products, enhanced features and faster support in the year that lies ahead. The best is yet to come.

Check your inbox for an amazing deal. 🎁
Limited stocks!

One CloudCone account, multiple services

We have implemented SSO (Single Sign-On) onto our platform; now you can use your CloudCone account to login to 3rd party services that help improve user experience and engagement related to CloudCone.

This means you no longer need to maintain multiple user accounts to authenticate and interact with CloudCone services and software 😀

We will be implementing SSO (Single Sign-On) to most parts of our website in the upcoming days.

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