The biggest sale of the year is here! #Black_Friday_Mega_Sale 🤯🔥

CloudCone's Black Friday Mega Sale has started. Head over to the 'Mega Sale' page to look at the bunch of electrifying deals & prizes.

The Mega Sale includes rare VPS deals and Scalable Cloud Compute - SC2 deals with FREE backups and snapshots. The Premium SC2 deals come with better performance optimizations and a lot more features compared to its Value Tier counterpart VPS line.

Limited Stocks; First come, first served!

New Deals Every Hour!
This season we won’t let our clients miss out on the sweeter deals. Everyone gets a second chance. A few random deals with limited stocks is now live on the Mega Sale Page, includes ‘super rare deals’ at insane prices. The batch of deals on display will change every 60 minutes.

Earn Points and Redeem Prizes!
Take a few mintues to check-out and participate in our Black Friday Challenge where you complete a list of challenges that award points which lets you redeem rare prizes including Account Funds, CloudCone Merch and so much more.

Tip: Make sure to top your account with the required funds to quickly secure your favorite deals this Black Friday Season. Limited Stocks on Rare Deals!

Happy Shopping with CloudCone 😊🛒

New OS Templates for Virtual Private Servers

We have added new linux templates for our virtual private servers. You can now choose from a variety of linux distributions when you create a new server.

  • AlmaLinux 8.5
  • AlmaLinux 9.0
  • Fedora 34
  • Ubuntu 22.04

These templates are also available when re-building your existing VPS 😀

Pre-Black Friday Sale Is Live #bestdealsintown

October is here with the year-end madness around the corner and we got rare seasonal plans, a 24hr flash sale with insane deals, a brand new Black Friday event, free account credit gifts for lucky users, trendy merch up for grabs, and more coming soon 😉✨

You don't have to wait until Black Friday Day to get the best hosting deals, head over to our Pre-Black Friday Sale and deploy yourself a CloudCone VPS today!

Limited stocks on these instantly deployed VPS deals with SSD-cached storage.

IPv6 is back for everyone 😄

We're excited to re-introduce you to IPv6 on our VPS and Scalable Cloud Compute (SC2) product lines. IPv6 is free to use, and it can be enabled in just one click!

 A few reasons to enable IPv6:

  • IPv6 is the successor to the current Internet Protocol, IPv4.
  • IPv6 is critical to the Internet’s continued growth.
  • Most technology companies are permanently enabling IPv6 for their products and services.

Enable IPv6 on your server, We have prepared a detailed doc to follow:



As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

Rocky Linux Now Available on VPSs and SC2s

We're excited to announce that Rocky Linux is now available on CloudCone. This template is designed to work with the Rocky Linux distribution, and it makes it easy to get started with Rocky Linux on CloudCone.

To use the Rocky Linux Template, simply select it when creating a new server. You'll be able to choose the server size, location, and other options as usual. Once your server is up and running, you'll be able to use Rocky Linux just like any other Linux distribution.

If you're new to Rocky Linux, we recommend checking out the Rocky Linux Documentation. This guide covers everything from getting started to advanced topics, and it will help you get the most out of Rocky Linux on CloudCone.

Oh and also,

We have added CentOS 8 Stream and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS templates to our Scalable Cloud Computes 🙌 

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

Option to Pick a Datacenter When Deploying VPSs

You can now customize a CloudCone VPS with your preferred Datacenter!

Currently, we provide a location in Los Angeles, US as 'DC1', another Datacenter from Los Angeles named 'DC2' will be available on certain plans this Christmas.  

You can utilize this option for load balancing VPSs on multiple data centers or for off-site backups, or any other scenario that you see fit. 😀

Also, this here is just the start. We plan to expand to other regions and add more data centers with time.

To deploy a VPS, visit here:

More Options When Ordering Your Dedicated Server

We have introduced a 'brand new order page' for our dedicated servers with 100% configurability! Now you’ll be able to create your own dedicated server by customizing every aspect with our endless options including a RAID configurator, right at the time of deploying.

We’re also introducing a dedicated server partner program with a coupon system for all our Dedicated users and affiliates. More on that later!

Go ahead and try to configure your Dedicated server on our new order page to experience the difference. 😃

Configure Server

Pop Champagne With Us on Our 4 Year Milestone 🍾

We’re celebrating 4 years of existence in the hosting space. Thank you for staying by us all this time. 

We’ve got so many products, features, add-ons, one-click apps and more to be released on our platform. Here’s to all the years to come 🥂

We’re also having a giveaway to mark the CloudCone Turns 4 event. Head on over to our official Giveaway page to find out more details!

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