Exciting CloudCone Merch & Credit Prizes From Our BFC

We welcome you to take part in our Black Friday Challenge, where you can complete a list of challenges/tasks to earn points & claim exciting prizes this season! 😲🎁

How to participate in the challenge?

All you have to do is enter a gamer tag (display name) and start completing the tasks. Once a task is completed, you'll be awarded BFC points to claim your favorite prizes for Free. Climb the leaderboard against other players and keep challenging yourself! 🚀

CloudCone Turns 6 Today! 🎂

Let's celebrate six consecutive years of Hosting Excellence!

Get in on the birthday sale and treat yourself to a rare 'Pure SSD VPS' deal to jumpstart your cloud project today!  Also, try your luck on our CloudCone Turns 6 - Credit Giveaway that's about to start. Follow us on Instagram and other socials to learn more. 

Here’s to many more years to come! 🥂