Keeping abuse reports aways from support

We have separated abuse reports from support tickets so that you can have a clear view on the status of your support tickets and abuse reports.

  • Support tickets navigation item will take you to the support tickets
  • Abuse reports navigation item will take you to the abuse reports

Your Cloud Instance's Node

Now you can see which hardware node your cloud server is hosted on 😊 this is useful when we announce maintenance and emergency service outages on our status page

It’s also displayed on the instance list page

One Click Affiliate Payouts

Now you can request your earned affiliate credits to be transferred to a PayPal account of your choice directly through the panel! 😃💸

if you still haven’t checked our Affiliate offering, check it out here

Moved the Billing tab

Moved the billing tab to the drop-down menu so that the products will have more space on the nav bar 😉